Please don’t feel like you are different, look at yourself as a unique person, love yourself before you let anybody tell you different.  There will be people in your life that you will encounter, and sometimes you have to ignore things others will say, think, gossip, whisper to others that will make you feel some type … More SELF MOTIVATION…

Be Nice.

Whatever happened to saying thank you?  Whatever happened to saying please, I appreciate it, Hello, etc, I think us as a society has forgotten how to be kind, generous, courteous overall nice. We don’t care about anything it seems, and we are to busy trying to know what everybody else is doing and not ourselves. … More Be Nice.

Change is possible.

How many of us are willing and accepting to change? If you feel that you can not ever make changes in you as far as careers, relationships, even daily routines, why are you kidding yourself? Change is easy as turning left then deciding to turn right onto a side street to avoid the construction on … More Change is possible.

Give Thanks.

T.G.I.F. Right, well not so much in the city of Flint,Mi where the city water is not so good for the people. I am from there and moved a few years ago due to work and reading in the papers lately they are asking for help in order to get fresh, clean, overall good water. … More Give Thanks.