Don’t be afraid of change.

Today is the day you figure what you want to do in life and go after it, and don’t let anything get in your way of it. The pursuit of happiness is all up to you and no else but you. Your dreams and goals can come to life if you apply yourself with the energy you put forth doing the things you do to kill time on a day to day basis. Put one foot forward and just imagine your goals is right in front of you and you can touch it with one hand, but your other hand is occupied doing other things holding your other foot in quicksand. Do not let failure change the way you go about doing things, and do not let obstacles stand in your way. Remember when you was a kid and you was just learning how to ride your bike with the training wheels off, then that moment you take your first spill you cried, you wanted to give up and just walk away from your dreams of riding your bike with all the other kids in your neighborhood. Most of us can remember our parents telling us that it will be okay, you have to be careful and you will be able to do it. We got up and tried and tried until we got it and all I am saying is that this is how we have to go as adults in life. Sometimes we do fall and hurt ourselves, get a scrape here and there, but all we can do is just keep trying and never give up. There is no mistakes in life there is only lessons.


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