Give Thanks.

T.G.I.F. Right, well not so much in the city of Flint,Mi where the city water is not so good for the people. I am from there and moved a few years ago due to work and reading in the papers lately they are asking for help in order to get fresh, clean, overall good water. It’s funny how us as a country can go all over the world to help other countries become vibrant again but not look at home here in the good OLD U.S. You know we take water for granted until it is taken away from us, and when it is taken we don’t know what to do, just like tv and electronics. think of it as if we as a society lived like the amish people of america and went without the internet, tv, news, all of the bells and whistles we are so use to enjoying daily, we would go crazy. The city of Detroit are having so much trouble with it’s citizens paying there water bill, but in Flint the water is like drinking garbage juice. All i am saying is that people stand up, fight for what is right, and dont take the smallest things in life for granted and to also give thanks for what you do have.


2 thoughts on “Give Thanks.

  1. I definitely feel you should give thanks for any and everything. I’ve been blessed with certain things in my life, but I’m always trying to help out my fellow man. Like you said something as simple as water can so easily be taking for granted. Also, you mentioned Flint and Detroit……you and I both know firsthand the condition that those cities are in, so as we give thanks we should strive harder to implement a plan to help rectify those respective cities. Lastly, I’m thankful that you took the time to write this and make others aware.


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