Today is a new day.

Let’s smile today and be cheerful no matter what happens today. Hold the door for someone we never met, say hello to someone who is down or is having a bad day. Let’s make a complete stranger smile by telling them a joke or something, we all have bad days but try and figure out how to smile and take it with a grin of salt. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows on a day to day basis, but we can shine when the times are dark. So with that being said, just try and be happy whenever possible and share that with someone, it could be a coworker, friend, relative, or a complete stranger. When you go out to lunch today and you see someone struggling to pay for there food, help them out and pay for them if you can. That is paying it forward, and with that also comes a good feeling on your behalf. You are possibly making someone smile and that same person would probably do the same next time they come across that same situation they were in today down the road. It is sort of a chain reaction for good deeds and like I said, let’s make today a good day that may turn someone day that was sad or mad into a new day.


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