Frustrated and confused.

Your daily trials and tribulations may have altered your feelings today as mine did, but i took a few minutes and realized, wait a minute “it could be worse”. I sat back and thought of all of the starving children, homeless people, single parents, alot of people struggling hour by hour. What and why am i so frustrated for is the question I asked myself. I said it is okay to roll over that minor bump in the road at that moment and proceed to move forward. Confused on why this is happening to me and said this type of stuff is happening all over the world and I am complaining about this tiny problem, shame on myself for thinking like that.  We as a people should look at our confused and frustrated moments as a hiccup, handle it and just move on with our day. I mean i was ticked off for a brief moment and was like slow down pal, it will be okay to just breathe, let it out, think of the reasons you are feeling like this, what made you feel like this and conquer your feelings, that is all. Manage things and it will all come to be as simple as apple pie. Frustrated and confused can be turned around to be happy and satisfied if you think about it, so don’t let your emotions and feelings get in the way of how you rather feel, but how you should feel. Thanks for all who follow and like, and also share this post, it is greatly appreciated. Love you all and to all a good night.


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