Be Nice.

Whatever happened to saying thank you?  Whatever happened to saying please, I appreciate it, Hello, etc, I think us as a society has forgotten how to be kind, generous, courteous overall nice. We don’t care about anything it seems, and we are to busy trying to know what everybody else is doing and not ourselves. We are so worried about social media, hollywood, who is who on a day to day basis so much that we tend to forget to respect the people we encounter everyday. It is a shame to the maximum, but that is where we are at in todays world.  Look around you today while you are out and about and just watch the people interact with each other, you wont because they are probably hypnotized by there phone, on there phone or just not paying attention at all. Whatever happened to helping out our fellow brother or sister in need of help, guidance, support, or just a regular good old conversation. There is none and it is sad that it is like the way it is, we rather act snotty, mean, ignore each other, slam the door in someone’s face rather than to hold the door for someone. Be kind to one another today and beyond.


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