Achieving Goals.

I was always told to not fear what we do not understand, or what we can not accomplish, and with that being said, we should not be afraid of failing. Failing is a thing that let us know that we tried, and trying is a sign of not being afraid. We all can  accomplish the things we dream of and about and we also can make our dreams happen. A lot of people have dreams of being right about life, finances, significant others, careers, family, etc. We all want to live the American dream, but what it take to reach that seems impossible right. Well not really, if you think about it, it is right in our brains and we can make it happen just like looking for that perfect whatever. A lot of people leave this earth without doing what they really wanted in the one thing that we call life. It is sad, but it is reality, and it can rise on us in the blink of an eye. I was told the richest place on earth was not America, China, Russia, Iraq, but in yet the graveyard is and that is totally screwed up if we think about it. What we need to think about is how far we are willing to go to make our dreams come to life and do not hold back on what we would like to achieve. Not believing is the main reason we do not fulfill what should be destiny. People it is out there for the taking and like the commercial for dodge trucks, GRAB LIFE BY THE HORNS…


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