A New Day.

Starting the year off to a good beat is what we all wish to do and we also set these goals a few weeks before the new year. Well if we all sit back and think about it, how many of us actually follow thru what we set oursleves up for in the near future with our new start. Statistics show that few of us honor our new years resolution, and the rest of us fall back into our regular routines, myself included and im not ashamed of admitting it. We set goals of the usual, lose weight, quit smoking, quit drinking, work out more etc. I am sure we all got that someone we know that commit to these things, and how long does it last?     “I WILL WAIT” exactly. I am not judging nor depicting, but I am learning and I figured that if someone wants to make change, why set a date if you really want to make change. I have learned to think about what you want to do, how to set it up and conquer it. We all can do it , it is just up to us if we really want to do it.


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