Just Live…

Have you ever just felt like throwing your hands up and saying I just cant do this? Well when we do that we don’t have a clue on who, where, when and how we can fix this. Me personally I think we can fix things by just having faith and  knowing  things will get better. Stressing over things we cant control, things we cant handle, remember god said that things will merge into your life for a reason and the things are there for a reason. It is a lot of adversaries we challenge everyday and the only way we can rise up is to face them with a smile and to know that everything is alright. The movie Lion King said it best “don’t worry be happy” and we should take that in consideration. Life itself can be such a challenge and a lot of us can’t handle what comes with, but if we all sit back and said everything will be okay, have a positive mindset, believe that everything will be alright, breathe, i can assure you that it will be alright. Life is too short to be worried, stressed, depressed, mad always. Try and have a moment of clarity to see the world as for what it is and maybe you will start to see things a bit different. It is not hard to love self first and to know that everything can and will be okay. Sometimes I sit back and think when I was a little boy and the worries were the least on my mind. Life was great, times were great, overall just living. So as adults, why we cant  find that in ourselves to harness those feelings as adults to just enjoy life as we are supposed to. We get what we can handle  nothing more nothing less.


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