As the spring and summer nights start to change as we evolve  as a people, we all tend to change with the tides when the moon soars across the waters. We tend to find balance in ourselves, tune into nature, absorb all we can.

Just Live…

Have you ever just felt like throwing your hands up and saying I just cant do this? Well when we do that we don’t have a clue on who, where, when and how we can fix this. Me personally I think we can fix things by just having faith and  knowing  things will get better. … More Just Live…

The Underdog.

Sometimes we do get taking advantage of as a person or a human being and our results be as revenge, spiteful, I will show you buddy. But in some cases we look at it as okay my friend, I see what you truly are about. I tend to look at things as if I were … More The Underdog.

A New Day.

Starting the year off to a good beat is what we all wish to do and we also set these goals a few weeks before the new year. Well if we all sit back and think about it, how many of us actually follow thru what we set oursleves up for in the near future … More A New Day.

Achieving Goals.

I was always told to not fear what we do not understand, or what we can not accomplish, and with that being said, we should not be afraid of failing. Failing is a thing that let us know that we tried, and trying is a sign of not being afraid. We all can  accomplish the … More Achieving Goals.

One foot Forward

Never stop, never settle, keep pushing along and you will achieve everything you want in life. I believe in not giving up on anything you want, it can be losing weight, pushing for that position at work, saving money, anything.  Many people try and do those new years resolution things, how about we do a … More One foot Forward